AHC Collagen Toner

AHC Collagen Toner by A.H.C
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  • Intensive nourishing toner for dry and drooping skin
  • 120 ml

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Intensive nourishing toner for dry and drooping skin

It is a toner for dry and aged skin that helps in supplying nourishment and refining skin texture to the dry and drooping skin with various reasons and so creates elastic and glossy skin. Adenosine and Punica Granatum Extract supply abundant nourishment and moisture while help in shaping care of drooping skin by dryness and aging.

Main Ingredients
Punica Granatum Extract, Collagen Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Seaweed Extract

Good for
All skin that need moisturizing and nourishing care
Dry and scabrous skin
Lifeless and mature skin

To Use
After washing face, absorb a correct amount of toner which is suitable for own skin type into a cotton pad and sweep on according to the skin texture. Or, put it on a palm and absorb it with soft patting. Then, follow with Serum, Eye Cream and Cream.
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