AHC C-Serum

AHC C-Serum by A.H.C
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  • A brightening and firming ampoule
  • 30ml

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A brightening and firming ampoule

The contained stabilized derivatives of Vitamin C substance improve dark, dull complexion into the brightly radiant one. The Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe extract helps skin's hydration and shaping care, changes tired dry skin into moisturized supple one. The highly stabilized vitamin C derivative ascorbic acid acts intensively on hyper-pigmented areas, helping to fade the dark spots away. It also enhances elasticity by strengthening the connective structure of the skin tissues. The moisturizing elements and plant extracts prevent the skin from itching, bring relief to agitated spot and deliver a healthy and clear complexion.

Main Ingredients
Derivatives of Vitamin C, Tocopherol, Licorice extract, Pigweed extract, Aloe extract, Hyaluronic Acid

Good for
Skin with chloasma and other pigmentation spots, skin that needs brightening, slackening skin

To Use
After toning skin with A/C-Infusion, smooth over entire face or areas with pigmentation spots, gently patting onto skin for absorption.
When using for the finishing touches of skin toning, apply cream after ampoule is fully absorbed.
If using for the previous steps of skin care, let ampoule absorb and follow with special masks (rubber, collagen and velvet masks) for synergic effect. In case of exposure to sunlight, sunscreen must be applied for the effect of the ampoule to last.
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