AHC Collagen Serum

AHC Collagen Serum by A.H.C
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  • A nutrition-supplying ampoule
  • 30ml

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A nutrition-supplying ampoule

Its nutrients satisfy the need of dry and loose aged skin, and create hydrated and beautifully elastic skin. Containing Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe extract, the natural moisturizing factors, it minimizes the loss of moisture in the air Marine collagen elements that is ideal for retaining moisture, structured of the triple-helical helps to replenish moisture and nutrition, and to restore elasticity and firmness for slackening skin. The all-natural moisturizing ingredients along with tocopherol boost vitality into aging skin by creating a shield that prevents the penetration of harmful oxygen.

Main Ingredients
Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe extract, Tocopherol, Aminocoat

Good for
Dry skin, skin that needs nutrition and anti-aging

To Use
After toning skin with A/C-Infusion, smooth over entire face or areas with pigmentation spots, gently patting onto skin for absorption.
When using for the finishing touches of skin toning, apply cream after ampoule is fully absorbed.
If using for the previous steps of skin care, let ampoule absorb and follow with special masks (rubber, collagen and velvet masks) for synergic effect. In case of exposure to sunlight, sunscreen must be applied for the effect of the ampoule to last.
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