Organic Baby Washbag by erbaviva

Organic Baby Washbag by erbaviva
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The Organic Baby Washbag was developed as a cleansing product soft and natural enough for the newborn baby. Cleansing but not drying it was designed to maintain the necessary oils natural to skin and important for good hydration, while leaving baby clean and fresh. The Organic Baby Washbag is an unbleached muslin sachet, filled solely with herbal ingredients, exuding a delightful aroma. Contains no soap. Cleans beautifully without drying the skin. One sachet is placed in the child's bath and gently rubbed on baby's skin for a soft cleansing straight from nature.

Organic oatmeal, organic milk powder, organic lavender flowers, organic essential oils of lavender and mandarin. Filled into an unbleached cotton sachet.

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