Chamzone Charm In Cell BB Cream

Chamzone Charm In Cell BB Cream by Charmzone
  • SPF 30 PA++
  • 55ml

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Multi-solution BB cream for expressing a natural skin tone with soft touches.
The product contains JIYU, an patedted anti-wrinkle agent, indepen dently developed by Charmzone, and dlpha-bisaborol, effective in smoothing rough texture and relieving dark tone. And funcitions as sun block agent and protecs skin from simuli in daily life. The cream cover up sopts and rashes, expressing skin tone in a natrual way.

SPF 30 PA++
Whitening effect of Tocovita C
Resillent skin revlved as elastic and healthty
Moisturizing effect with marine ingredients without dryness
Including the 7 Charmzone patented
Ingredients protecting the skin
Darkness X-up6
by Darkness
Darkness EX
by Darkness
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