Chamzone Ziahn Saenggiyeon Eye Cream Set

Chamzone Ziahn Saenggiyeon Eye Cream Set by Charmzone
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  • Ziahn Saenggiyeon Eye Cream : 1.18fl.oz./35ml
  • Ziahn Cheongyun Skin Toner : 0.68fl.oz/20ml
  • Ziahn Cheongyun Skin Emulsion : 0.68fl.oz/20ml

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Oriental herbal eye cream that gives elasticity and moisture around your sensitive eye area.

- Herbal ingredients: keep your eye area refresh and elastic.
- Refreshing eye area: The plant extracts from ginko leaves and marronnier keep your eye area more refreshing and healthy.
- Moisturizing skin: The plant extracts from young root barks and peony
barks keep your eye area skin moist and smooth.
How to use
Take a little amount and evenly apply it over your face.
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