Essence Moisture Foot Pack

Essence Moisture Foot Pack by Darkness
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Applying the essence pack to your skin will change your rough, cracked skin into beautiful healthy looking skin without shine in just one use. This foot care system is designed with a highly concentrated essence and is effective in removing keratin, leaving your foot feeling soft and smooth.

Thinned foot for bright and soft.
No need for separate apply for essence, simple socks shape of foot essence pack.

1. Include the aloe extract, that makes the thinned and tired foot and heel part for smooth and dress up.
2. Sock type envelope the whole foot, so control the foot and healthy toenail.

How to use
1. Thoroughly clean and dry your foot.
2. Wear the non-woven fabric foot pack
3. Sock can be wore over the products, it helps to convenient for activities and absorption effect.
4. Remove the socks after 15-20 minutes application.

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