Dr. eslee Odornix Armpits Spray

Dr. eslee Odornix Armpits Spray by Dr. eslee
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  • 75ml / 2.5fl.oz.

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Combining the word odor (meaning 'a sensation, stimulation, or perception of the sense of smell')" and "nix (meaning 'nothing')," Odornix means "to eliminate odor."

Dr. eslee Odornix Armpits Spray is an innovative deodorant product that removes odor-causing bacteria, thus eliminating unpleasant underarm odor, as well as other offensive body odors.

Contaminated with sweat, sebum and various dissolved materials on the skin, the underarm area emits an odor caused by bacteria. Dr. eslee Odornix Armpits Spray cleanses the skin around the underarm area to prevent odor.

Dr. eslee Odornix Armpits Spray maintains the skin's pH level and prevents skin alkilinity, thus removing odor-causing elements. Furthermore, Odornix maintains the weak acidity of the skin, which enhances its defensive capabilities.

Contains lavender oil, green tea extracts, allantion, and camphor.

To Use

Lightly spray Dr. eslee Odornix Armpits Spray once or twice on the armpits or other areas where humidity can cause unpleasant odor.
Use Odornix spray whenever the weather is hot and humid. And you may spray it through your clothes. It will not harm fabrics or clothing.

*** Clinical Test Results (Skin Science Class, Department of Dermatology, Ajou University School of Medicine in Korea)

* In-vitro Test Dr. eslee Odornix Armpits Spray and other deodorant products wide
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