Dr. eslee Odornix Foot Spray

Dr. eslee Odornix Foot Spray by Dr. eslee
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  • 75ml / 2.5fl.oz.

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Feet sweat easily, and shoes and socks trap that sweat. Dr. eslee Odornix Foot Spray protects and cleanses the feet while limiting contamination.

Dr. eslee Odornix Foot Spray prevents alkalinity of the skin, removing a major cause of odor. By maintaining a weak skin acidity, it enhances the defensive capabilities of the skin.

Dr. eslee Odornix Foot Spray can be used on either hot or cold feet, and is particularly effective for aches and fatigue after a long day of standing or walking.

Contains eucalyptus oil, menthol, and camphor.

To Use

Lightly spray Dr. eslee Odornix Foot Spray once or twice on the tops and soles of the feet, between the toes, and on the calves. Use the spray whenever the weather is hot and humid.
You may spray it through your socks, or spray directly inside your shoes
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