Dr Jart+ For Men Active Scrub Foam

Dr Jart+ For Men Active Scrub Foam by Dr Jart+
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  • 120ml
  • To Use:
  • 1. Use for day and night.
  • 2. Massage the face for a minute with plenty bubbles then wash off with warm water

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Exclusive men cleansing foam with no irritative powder scrub

Removes wastes from the pores without irritation
Three powders, Bentonite, Kaolin, and Titaniumoxide, remove wastes from the pores. Excellent cleansing effect of Papaya extract remove dead cells to make the skin soft and smooth.
Also, Amino acid surfactant allows for irritation-free application.

Tightens and firms widened
Mung bean and Gallnut extracts control sebum to manage widened pores for tighter and firmer skin.

Patented ingredient protects the skin with daily use
Selemix AN and pore tightening patented ingredient help to maintain the skin clean.

Manages the skin moist and clean
Aloe extract helps the skin moist and healthy.
Bamboo water helps for pure effect and care the skin moist and neat.

Main Ingredients:
Herb Complex IV : Pore tightening
Selemix AN : Intensive trouble caring
Portulaca oleraces extract : Skin calming
Papaya extract : Removing dead-skin cell
Rhus semialatu extract : Sebum control

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