Dr Jart+ Detox Healing Blemish Base

Dr Jart+ Detox Healing Blemish Base by Dr Jart+
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  • SPF25/PA+++
  • 50ml

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Triple function BB. Whitening + Wrinkle reduce + UV protection. Presents natural skin tone with soft and moist application.

Whitening, Wrinkle reduce, and UV protection (SPF25/PA+++)
Focused on dermatological functional BB.

Light and soft application
Deliver the moisture and soft with out stickiness and cluster on the skin.
Feel the skin comfort with light application.

Natural coverage allows for usage by both men and women
Naturally covers for consistent skin tone.
Natural payoff allows for men and women.

Perfect for dry weather
Contains excellent moisturizing botanical extracts to prevent dry and rough skin to keep moisture and shine for a long period of time. This extracts also protect the skin inner and outer harmful pollutants.

To Use
After based makeup, apply proper amount over the face. No additional makeup needed.

Main Ingredients:
Arbutin: Whitening and brightening effects
Chamomail Extract : Soothing effect
Adenosin : Anti-Wrinkles and Lifting effects
Titanium Dioxide: UVA/UVB Protection effect
Allantoin: Moisturizing effect
Collagen: Tightening effects

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