Dr Jart+ Pink Label Shimmering Beauty Balm

Dr Jart+ Pink Label Shimmering Beauty Balm by Dr Jart+
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  • Shimmering BB Cream that makes the skin glow with its subtle pearl color
  • The soft polymer makes the skin look smooth and glamorous by diverting light in all directions
  • Help to cover up fine lines and pores
  • Helps in whitening and anti wrinkles, as well as containing sun protection with SPF 30PA++

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A beauty balm with a soft and smooth texture for radiant and vibrant skin

Glamorous Shimmering Skin
Radiant color has been added to the subtle bright pearls to make your skin look radiant, and facial features more prominent.
The moist pearls even out the skin tone in a natural way.

Mesh Structure System for Skin to Breathe
It forms a moisture barrier in a 3D particulate structure that allows the skin to breathe, letting the pearl and moisture particles are distributed evenly.
Upon application, skin feel comfortable, like a reborn new skin.
The soft polymer that diverts the light in all directions makes the skin look smooth and glamorous. It has a delicate finish on the skin surface to leave the skin looking smooth and even with a glow.

Hypoallergenic Care
A hypoallergenic formula that does not contain any paraben, formaldehyde, tar pigments or dioxane and does not irritate skin. Dermatologist test. Safe to use on sensitive skin.

Triple functioning formula (Whitening + Anti-wrinkle + UV Protection SPF30/PA++)
A whitening and anti-wrinkle formula that help improve the skin to make it look brighter and healthier. It also provides UV protection to keep your skin safe from the harmful UV rays.

Main Ingredients
Citrus Grandis Peel Oil: Flexible skin and provide moisturizing effect.
Nordenau Water: An excellent mineral water from Nordenau, Germany, with moisturizing effect. Oligo-HA: Excellent skin penetration that improves the moisture level in the dead skin layer. Activation of stem cells helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as maintaining skin elasticity.
Adenosine: Reduces the appearance of wrinkles through collagen production. A cell energy source that rejuvenates cells to prevent aging.

How to Use
Apply over face after your basic skin care routine, and gently pat to absorb. Recommend to re-apply 1-3 times if you are active outdoors for long hours.

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