Dr Jart+ Exfoliating Foaming Scrub

Dr Jart+ Exfoliating Foaming Scrub by Dr Jart+
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  • 100ml
  • To Use:
  • 1. Use once or twice a week based on skin condition. Apply small amount to wet skin and massage the scrub on your face with a light movement avoiding an eye area.
  • 2. Rinse off with tepid water and apply skin toner.

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This scrub is for both exfoliating and cleansing containing finely crushed coconut shell particles.

Convenience and double-cleansing effect
This scrub is applied on a wet skin while cleansing making the use of this product more convenient. Micro granules and foam leaves your skin soft and mild.

Crushed coconut shell power gives deep cleansing effect without stimulus
Grinded fresh coconut shell sized 200 � accounts for 15% of this product removes dirt and dead skin debris without irritation. This is for all skin types.

Prevent skin trouble by removing blackhead in the pores
Natural micro granules massages your skin detaching dead skin debris and blackhead in the pores so it prevents skin from future breakouts making your skin clean and clear.

Activate turn-over cycle
Scrub massage activates skin turn-over cycle restoring your skin radiance and helping the absorption of the skin-care products after scrub with exfoliating effect.

Leave your skin moist
Herbal extracts like guava extract and mango extract make your skin moisturized after using the facial scrub.

Main Ingredients:
Coconut shell (15%) : exfoliation
Coconut extract : skin cleansing & protection
Mung bean extract : purification
Guava extract : skin elasticity &moisturizing
Grapefruit extract : prevent skin trouble
Mango extract : moisturizing and brightening
Kiwi extract : give glow to the skin
Papaya fruit extract : moisturizing and comfort
Plum water : pore care

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