Dr Jart+ Ctrl-A Drying Spot Corrector

Dr Jart+ Ctrl-A Drying Spot Corrector by Dr Jart+
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A spot corrector that sooths and keeps the area clean after popping a pimple

Sooths the area after popping a pimple
The oil absorption powder controls the excess oil secretion around the area where you popped a pimple or acne. Portulaca oleracea L. with an antibiotic effect and Centella asiatica extract with a soothing effect ensure that the trouble area does not worsen.

Refreshing Finish
It is absorbed into skin without stickiness for a refreshing finish.

Approved the Non-comedogenic Test
Does not contain any ingredients that may potentially cause acne.

10-free system & passed the skin irritation test
Free of paraben, fragrances, artificial colors, mineral oils, benzophenone, triethanolamine, sulfate surfactant, Benzyl alcohol, talc, Poly Acrylamide

How to Use
Apply directly on the trouble spot after toner. It is portable and can be used frequently before and after applying makeup.

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