Dr Jart+ Whitening Water Drop

Dr Jart+ Whitening Water Drop by Dr Jart+
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  • 70ml
  • To Use: After using toner and serum, apply proper amount evenly over the face.

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Whitening water drops form immediately on use and make the skin tone moist and bright

- Popping whitening water drops
Moisturizing ingredients transform into water drops when use right before your eyes. It uses special emulsion method allowing for fresh and light application without glossiness. Best to use especially on dry or humid weather.

- Excellent moisturization and calm effect
Due to minute and uniform particles, it delivers moisture immediately to areas where extreme dryness can occur and maintains moisture for a long term.

- Whitening effect and delivers moisture
Whitening also with moisturizing effect and highly saturated antioxidation ingredients normalize moisture level in the skin and make clearer and firmer skin.

Main Ingredients:
Albutin: Whitening
Camellia sinensis leaf Extract : Improving skin texture
Hyaluronic Acid : Natural moisturizer
Nano Vitamin C : Enhancing brightness & elasticity
Vitamin K : Activating skin

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