Dr. young Anti Dryness Eye Gel

Dr. young Anti Dryness Eye Gel by Dr. young
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  • Say no to wrinkles! Necessity for a foxy wink!
  • 20ml

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"Eye Gel-which coolly solves all your troubles around the eye!"
A gel-type eye cream containing REGU-AGE which accelerates the blood circulation to ease dark circles around eye area. Oat protein and Adenosine provide the delicate skin with moisture, nourishment and elasticity. It is a 4-in-1 light gel type treatment for the eye.

Apply a small amount of gel around your eyes and lips and tap lightly with middle and ring fingers to be absorbed. Apply it evenly all over the area around eyes and lips including skin below eyes.

CSTM, Adenosine, Alps glacial water, Cactus extract, Phyto-Oligo, Oat protein, REGU-AGE

Say no to wrinkles! Necessity for a foxy wink!

1. Gives vital, no-wrinkle look to your eyes
Adenosine and Regu-age ingredients prevent drooping and wrinkles

2. Gives nutrition around your eyes for resilience
Oat protein and Rice protein ingredients supply essential nourishment to skin around the eyes; Complete care for initial aging symptoms such as fine lines, dullness, and dryness.

3. Secret of beautiful eye make-up: moist eyes
Regu-age's easing effect on dark circles by accelerating blood circulation, together with Hyaluronic acid's moisturizing effect give bright, moist eyes which highlight your eye make-up.

4. Stress relief and comfort to skin around your eyes
Stress weakens skin, gradually damaging and drying it out. Stress relief by CSTM (Chrysanthemum) extract and intensive moisturizing by Cactus extract will solve basic troubles around your eyes.

5. Swelling relief & fatigue recovery with cool feeling
A gel-type eye cream delivering refreshing coolness, if used after being stored in a refrigerator, is effective in relieving swelling and fatigue.
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