Dr. young Anti Dryness Sprinkling Gel Cream

Dr. young Anti Dryness Sprinkling Gel Cream by Dr. young
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  • Moisture-lock-in Moisture Cream for 24 hours
  • For Combination, Oily Skin Type
  • 50ml

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The Secret of all-day-long Moistened Skin-Long lasting Moisture Cream
This Oil-free gel cream containing Hyaluronic acid and Aloe extract provides moisture to the skin, and with its strong water holding effects, it keeps your skin soft, supple and elastic. This moisture cream will fill up the moisture speedily, making your skin 24 hours moistened.

CSTM, Alps glacial water, Cactus extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Hyaluronic acid

Moisture-lock-in Moisture Cream for 24 hours

1. Water-sprinkler to moisturize my skin thoroughly
Cactus extract continues to supply moisture from outside skin, Hyaluronic acid retains the moisture inside skin, and Alps glacial water rich in mineral ingredients helps skin moisture to flow smoothly.

2. Long Lasting Moisture Lock - Skin moisture retention for 24 hours.
Glycerin creates strong moisture membrane and helps sustain moist skin for 24 hours.

3. Soothing effect for tired skin (Anti-Stress)
Aloe extract soothes skin stimulated by UV rays and external environmental factors, and provides energy and vitality. It also protects skin susceptible to harm from UV rays or external environment.

4. Wet, taut moisture cream which feels like pudding
Abundant moisturizing feeling when applied to the skin from the pudding-like texture. Its fresh, subtle aroma (citrus green floral) will refresh you.

5. Emergency soothing care mask
When you want to give vitality to tired skin from busy daily life, apply this gel cream gently and take a good night’s sleep. The next morning you will be surprised by how moist your skin feels.

To Use
After using emulsion, apply this gel cream gently to your face until absorbed.

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