Dr. young Anti Dryness Ultra Moist Solution Cream

Dr. young Anti Dryness Ultra Moist Solution Cream by Dr. young
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  • Total care cream leading to supple baby skin
  • For Dry Skin Type
  • 50ml

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Hydrated Nourishing Cream - Continuous water and nutrition replenishment
Total solution cream for skin radiance and softness with melon extract, and royal jelly extract gives optimum skin balance. With botanical oil and CSTM, it provides nutrition and water without irritation, preventing skin dryness.

CSTM, Cactus extract, Hyaluronic acid, Royal Jelly Extract, Trehalos, Phyto-Oligo, Melon Extract, Macadamia nut oil

Total care cream leading to supple baby skin

1. The secret to her younger looking skin-Shh~
A soft ice cream-like cream which, upon application to the skin, delivers moisture and makes the skin supple like baby skin.

2. Control skin condition!
A perfect cream to help recover the skin condition with nutrition and moisturizing effect. Royal jelly extract and Phyto-oligo stimulate the vitality of skin cells.

3. More Moisture, More Hydration
Moisture is an important factor to prevent skin aging. Hyaluronic acid, Melon extract, and Cactus extract control moisturizing and supply a large amount of moisture. In addition, they help to recover skin protection membrane and retain moisture.

4. Check and Feel The changes of skin texture
Gives optimum balance of oil & moisture and recharges energy and moisture needed for skin which injects vitality into skin.

5. Recovery of skin damage caused by hazardous environment
Detox formula CSTM and Royal jelly extract will recover skin damage caused by daily hazardous environment.

To Use
After using emulsion, apply this gel cream gently to your face until it is absorbed.
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