Confume Stylist Hair Wax - Ultra Hard Mat

Confume Stylist Hair Wax - Ultra Hard Mat by FRUIT WORLD
  • Super Power Hold
  • With mat texture with no gloss, the powerful setting of this product allows you to freely create coarse, dynamic styles. You can easily create shaggy and wolf-arrange styles.
  • 90ml

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Ultra strong & dynamic style setting wax with mat texture
It creates tough and dynamic hairstyles with matt texture.
It strong setting ability giving matt texture without shine freely creates your tough and dynamic hairstyles and easily makes hairstyles like shaggy and wolf hairstyle.
Its CQ polymers create and maintain the hairstyle all day long and its nano capsulated protein gives an effect of treatment by supplying hair with nutrition.
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After drying hair completely, take suitable amount out of this product and rub in into your hair lightly as you sweep hair upward. Finish off your hairstyle with grabbing some potions of hair here and there and standing them up like pulling, as you like.
Confume Stylist Hair Wax - Wild Extreme
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