Cel-Derma Ideal Radiance Hydrogel Mask

Cel-Derma Ideal Radiance Hydrogel Mask by Genic
  • anti-wrinkle / whitening effect
  • 1ea

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The Best Selling Mask Pack in Korea! Also Called, "Hayumi Pack."

Rich hydro gel mask makes your face brighter, increase skin resilience and moisturizes, while diminishing wrinkles.

The mask is a temperature activated water soluble hydro gel. The water soluble hydro gel reacts to the temperature of skin to form onto the skin. This mask gently melts and is absorbed into the skin when placed onto skin. This allows effective deliverance of ingredients for actual moisturization and improved effects.

To Use
- After facial cleansing, apply toner to skin
- Open pouch and remove film that divides the pack into top and bottom of face
- Apply pack onto the top section with the center of eyes, the bottom section with the center of mouth.
- Remove after 20 to 40 minutes. Pat lightly for absorption.
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