Spot Repairing Serum

Spot Repairing Serum by Gowoonsesang
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  • Acne Line
  • 13ml

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It's serum to be used on troubled spots only

It is serum to be used on targeted area. It calms troubled area quickly with tea tree oil in microcapsule and gives matte feeling with sebum absorption capsule absorbing sebum causing shine.

How to Use:

Use morning and evening. Apply half of a drop on the area with the dispense applicator. Tap the applied area with fingertip for absorption.
Tip: For severe skin trouble apply Spot Repairing Serum after toner and for mild skin trouble apply it on targeted area after Oil Control Intensa for better results.

Test for Eliminating Bacteria
Triclosan 0.01% -7
Spot repairing serum 20% -7
Erythromycin 0.02% -7

: Although Number shows that antibiotic is most effective in killing bacteria that causes an acne, using antibiotic for long time can cause bacteria to build a tolerance. Moreover, Triclosan causes strong irritation and when large dose is used it can cause dermatitis and discoloring of skin.

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