Super Aquasis O2 Mask Cleanser

Super Aquasis O2 Mask Cleanser by Gowoonsesang
  • 100ml

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Real deep clean!! Moist feeling of O2 Mask Cleanser to ensure perfect cleansing while hydrating the skin.

O2 Mask Cleanser's deep-peeling ingredient lather into fine, rich oxygen foam to wash away dirt and dead skin cells.
A fine oxygen foam, is created upon the application of the gel, to replenish oxygen while its Aura Gem Complex provides Amino acids, and Minerals to promotes clean pore and treats dull skin tone.
Its Natural Moisturizing Factor delivers ample moisture to skin to leave it well-moisturized and clean without any tightness, even after cleansing.

Main Ingredients
O2 Carrier, Real Peeling Complex, Aura Gel Complex, Pentavitin

Pump 3~4 times onto the face. Apply following the skin contours and spread thickly onto the face. After 10~20 seconds, when the gel transforms into bubbles, gently massage. Then, rinse off with lukewarm water.
Tip. The oxygen cleanser's self-foaming effect and mask effect may be reduced if rubbed during applying before the bubbles are foamed. Leave it for 10~20 seconds until it bubbles itself.
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