Bubble & B Foaming Hair Color by Dongsung

Bubble & B Foaming Hair Color by Dongsung
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  • 2G - Natural Black Brown
  • 3G - Dark Brown
  • 4G - Brown
  • 2.1F - Blue Black
  • 4.3F - Chocolate Brown
  • 4.5F - Purple Brown
  • 5.6F - Burgundy Brown
  • 6.0F - Light Golden Brown
  • 6.1F - Beige Brown

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Easy and clear coloring is possible with this groundbreaking, innovative method! Through non-evaporative foam, it offers vivid and full coloring effects by delivering botanical protein extracts, sunblock agent, and Tahitian Black Pearl extracts to continually provide luster & sheen. Simply stated, color effortlessly by foam!!

Color Selection

-Gray Coverage (10 min.):

#2G- Natural Black Brown
#3G- Dark Brown
#4G- Brown

-Fancy or Bleach Colors (20 min.):

#2.1F- Blue Black
#4.3F- Chocolate Brown
#4.5F- Purple Brown
#5.6F- Burgundy Brown
#6.0F- Light Golden Brown
#6.1F- Beige Brown


#1 Colorant 1.01 fl.oz (30ml)
#2 Developer 1.69 fl.oz (50ml)


First, wear gloves before starting the coloring session. Pour all the contents of #1 (colorant) into #2 (developer) bottle and close the cap. Mix well by shaking the bottle horizontally or sideways. (Do NOT shake #2 bottle vertically or up & down as this will unnecessarily start creating bubbles too early on.) Pump the contents on hand to start the procedure. Use appropriate amounts as you color by sections to apply foam to the top, sides, and the back. Gently rub the foam against hair to work on making bubbles. With the remaining foam, lightly apply along the hair line to finish the procedure. Wait according to the indicated time for the color to process. Shampoo, rinse, then towel dry.

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