Isa Knox Homme 2pcs Set

Isa Knox Homme 2pcs Set by ISA KNOX
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  • Isa Knox Homme After Shave 130ml + 30ml
  • Isa Knox Homme Essence Emulsion 130ml + 30ml
  • Isa Knox Homme Foam Cleansing 40ml

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Isa Knox Homme After Shave: After cleansing and shaving, use the After Shave to experience its rich cooling and hydrating effect as the gel formula instantly bursts open into liquid lotion upon application. The gel-type lightweight skin lotion moisturizes the skin for hours. Isa Knox Homme Essence Emulsion: The essence-type nourishing emulsion for men provides an ideal balance of nourishment and moisture to address and defend against pore cloggin, sagging, and skin dullness. The emulsion quickly penetrates into the skin to leave it smooth, moist and firm.
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