Cellabel Facial Treatment Oil

Cellabel Facial Treatment Oil by LJH
  • Oily skin type but feels dry inside
  • Improving skin texture for smooth makeup
  • Very dry skin
  • 30ml

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Cellabel Facial Treatment Oil offers rich hydration and nourishment to dry and oily skin.

This helps control rough skin texture, leaving it healthy and supple. Moverover, this is a lightweight oil which is absorbed into the skin quickly.

* 6-Free system: alcohol free, mineral oil free, artificial odor free, artificial color free, bensophenone free.

Directions for use:
Apply 2~3 drops of oil after skin/toner and pat to absorb.

Recommended for:
1. Oily skin but feels dry inside.
2. Improving skin texture for smooth makeup.
3. Very dry skin.
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