Cellabel White-P Skin Serum (Oil-free)

Cellabel White-P Skin Serum (Oil-free) by LJH
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  • 40ml
  • Whitening effects approved by KFDA

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[Whitening effects approved by KFDA]

Cellabel White-P Serum is a functional whitening emulsion which gives a silky and refreshing feeling.
Its silicone-based moisturizing layer protects skin from dehydrating. arbutin, a whitening agent, constantly inhibits the formation of melanin pigment, giving brighter complexion to the skin.

The three anti-oxidation extracts, which are made out of peach flower, green tea, and Balsamine, protect skin against aging.
Its rich natural moisturizing factors hydrate and soften the skin texture as well as restore vitality and elasticity by immediately calming the discomfort and troubles from the stressed skin.

To use : After using White-P Serum, apply the proper amount on the whole face. Please rub it until it is absorbed completely.
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