MAGIS LENE Pure Gold Essential Balm

MAGIS LENE Pure Gold Essential Balm by MAGIS LENE
  • 99.9% pure gold, white sandalwood, vegetable oil, bean gemmule
  • 28g

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Oil balm cream that contains pure gold without running down and offers excellent moisturizing power and treatment effect.
Gorgeous white sandalwood scent soothes stress of mind and body and restores vitality.
Rich texture with moisturizing power holds moisture on the surface and inside skin.
99.9% pure gold purifies skin and maximizes radiance and resilience of original skin.
Creates powerful skin and remains firm and elastic skin.
Solves trouble by dryness and offers healthy beauty.

To Use

1. Put a moderate amount and melt gently with temperature of hands.
2. Press the face with a palm like wrapping face for absorption.
3. Massage the eyes and mouth gently one more time.

More TIPs!!

1. Apply to dry end of hair.
2. Apply to dead skin of lips and cuticle of nails.
3. Mix with foundation to create natural glow.
4. Apply with body lotion to take care of seriously dry areas.
5. Press meridian points with massage stick of spatula to solve circulation + swelling.
MAGIS LENE Pure Gold Treatment Essence
MAGIS LENE Pure Gold Treatment Essence
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