MAGIS LENE Pure Gold Treatment Essence

MAGIS LENE Pure Gold Treatment Essence by MAGIS LENE
  • 99.9% Pure Gold
  • 130ml

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99.9% pure gold purifies skin and maximizes radiance and resilience of original skin.
Boosting essence in sap type that permeates instantly helps absorption of the next product.
Gorgeous white sandalwood scent soothes stress of mind and body and restores vitality.
Takes care of condition and creates transparent and smooth skin texture.
Watery gel network stabilizes gold ingredient.
Moisturizing touch + fitting feeling up + moisturizing and radiant skin.
4 Free (Mineral oil, artificial color, benzophenone, paraben free)

To Use

1. Put hands to cheeks and apply smoothly outward to make gold absorbed.
2. Sweep the bridge of nose smoothly from T zone to the rounded sides of nose.
3. Make the forehead permeated gently from the middle of forehead to temple.
4. Press from the chin to temple like massaging all over face for absorption.

Step to use (Skin care in 2steps)

1. Magis Lene Pure Gold Treatment Essence
2. Magis Lene Pure Gold Essential Balm


99.9% pure gold, lactobacillus fermentation, ginseng fermented filtrate, sea buckthorn fermented filtrate, bifida fermented meltage, hyaluronic acid, acetyl hexa peptide B, ceramide, chamomile extract
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