Dr Jart+ Platinum Blemish Base by Dr Jart+

Dr Jart+ Platinum Blemish Base by Dr Jart+
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  • SPF36 / PA++
  • 30ml

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- BB Cream protecting skin from initial ageing
BB cream of triple functionality including wrinkle improvement, sun protection, suitable for skin suffering from elasticity drop,undernourishment, or initial ageing phenomena, affecting skin fundamentals to improve dullness and further to care for whitening and fine wrinkles.

- Strong sun protection effect (SPF36 PA++)
Sun protection factor of SPF36 PA++ blocks UV A and UV B at the same time, protects skin from ultraviolet ray without the need of sun cream. It can be applied lightly in spite of high sun protection factor and finished softly.

- Patent ingredient, berry cocktail contained
The content of berry cocktail, strong material for skin anti-oxidation from Dr. Jart prevents protein damage, and provides function to revitalize skin texture preventing various stress including ultraviolet ray.

- Excellent touch of use
Minute grain softly adheres to skin, Its sustaining power is excellent. Dried state is maintained for a long time without being greasy. By remedying defects of the existing heavy texture of BB cream, it is applied lightly and skin is not choking due to its outstanding covering power.

You do not need to use a make-up base or foundation separately.

To Use
After a basic make-up, apply a little amount to your face by spreading.

Main Ingredients:
Berry cocktail : Patent material for skin anti-oxidation from Dr. Jart
Panthenol : nutrition and moisturizing
Allatoin : providing elasticity
Green tea extract : brightening
Besaboal : skin protection and soothing

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