Dr Jart+ Ctrl-A Spot Cover by Dr Jart+

Dr Jart+ Ctrl-A  Spot Cover by Dr Jart+
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Hypoallergenic spot concealer for covering flaws , acnes and calming the troubles at the same time

Great staying power without darkening
The silicon powder that feels soft to the touch gives a long-lasting coverage without flakiness.
The skin appears clean and bright without the darkening effect even after long hours.

Moist coverage for dark circles and wrinkles around the eye area
The moist texture allows smooth application, even on the fine lines around the eye area, and gives a great coverage without drying up.

Dual functioning product (Whitening & Anti-wrinkle)
This is a dual functioning product with whitening (niacinamid) and anti-wrinkle (adenosine) effects.

Approved the Non-comedogenic Test
Does not contain any ingredients that may potentially cause acne.

10-free system & passed the skin irritation test
Free of paraben, fragrance synthetic , talc, pigment, mineral oils, Phthalate , alcohol, benzophenone, petrolatum, triethanolamine

How to Use
Twist the cap until the product is discharged from the silicon tip. Take a moderate amount and apply a thin layer on the area of concern using the tip. (you can adjust the amount of product discharged from the container by twisting left and right)

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