KOSE SEKKISEI Supreme Cleansing Cream by KOSE

KOSE SEKKISEI Supreme Cleansing Cream by KOSE
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KOSE Sekkisei Supreme Cleansing Cream is a cream-based makeup remover and pre-facial cleanser that quickly and thoroughly dissolves stubborn makeup and excess oils, unclogs the pores, removes the melanin-infused and dead skin cells, and refreshes dull and stressed skin with its Chinese and Japanese herb extracts, thus leaving skin clean, soft, and with improved luminosity.

Whitening Makeup Remover and Pre-Facial Cleanser.

KOSE Sekkisei Supreme Cleansing Cream is a moisture-rich makeup remover and pre-facial cleansing cream with an advanced whitening formula of the finest skin cleansing, lightening, de-pigmenting, and anti-aging Japanese and Chinese herb extracts.

Its unique creamy-textured formula gently and effectively:

  • Sweeps off all the traces of makeup, including heavy foundation and waterproof eye makeup;
  • Removes pore-clogging impurities, like dirt, dead skin cells, melanin-infused skin cells, and excess oils, which build-up makes the skin look unclean, dull, pigmented, and rough-textured;
  • Relaxes both your skin and mind as it glides smoothly on the skin' surface as if to encourage a quick facial massage while the lingering clean and soothing scent of its Chinese and Japanese plant extracts that help to calm your mind and body.

KOSE Sekkisei Supreme Cleansing Cream thoroughly cleanses your skin without the dryness, brightens and refreshes your dull and tired skin, and grants skin a softer and smoother texture.

Active Ingredients in KOSE Sekkisei Supreme Cleansing Cream.

  • Angelica Root Extract. Moisturizes, brightens, evens out the skin's tone, reduces the appearance of freckles, acne scars, dark spots, and skin discolorations, and helps the skin cells to stay nourished by activating blood circulation and the flow of nutrients within the skin.
  • Coix Seed Extract. Deeply moisturizes, whitens, helps to reduce wrinkles and improves the skin's texture and translucency.
  • Melothria Extract. Prevents hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and skin darkening that is induced by ultraviolet radiation by suppressing the activity of the enzymes that signal the production of melanin.
  • Chinese Indigo Leaf/Stem Extract. A herbaceous annual tropical plant that:
    • Inhibits melanin formation, i.e., exhibits satisfactory skin whitening effect of lightening the skin color of post sunburn pigmentation, spots, freckles, and chloasmata when applied extradermally;
    • Accelerates cellular turnover, prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, recover and maintain the skin's tension and elasticity;
    • Enhances skin's moisture-retaining ability;
    • Inhibits secretion of sebum from sebaceous glands to reduce excess oils;
    • Protects skin from acne and aging with its strong antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory functions.
  • Soap Nut Peel Extract. Contains saponins, which deliver natural cleansing and foaming actions.
  • Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, helps to reduce skin damage caused by UV radiation.

Who Needs KOSE Sekkisei Cleansing Cream?

KOSE Sekkisei Cleansing Cream's excellent whitening and rich moisturizing facial cleansing formula is suitable for all skin types, and is especially helpful in preparing your skin for a skin care regimen that intends to improve or correct:

  • Uneven skin tone and dark complexion, which occur as such a result of sun exposure or stressful lifestyle;
  • The rough skin texture of dehydrated and dry skin;
  • Stressed, UV-damaged, and tired skin; and,
  • Dull complexion due to lack of sleep and exercise.
To Use
Dispense a very small amount onto the palm.
Apply to your face in circular motion or massaging strokes to blend well with your foundation or makeup for 1 to 2 minutes, or until they are completely dissolved.
Add lukewarm water and massage your skin in circular motion in order to emulsify the cream and allow it to pull out the dirt and stubborn makeup from the pores.
Wipe off with tissue or rinse off completely with cold or lukewarm water.
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