Sooryehan DabitYoon JiYoon Base (70 silver green) by Sooryehan

Sooryehan DabitYoon JiYoon Base (70 silver green) by Sooryehan
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  • 35ml / 1.18fl.oz
  • 70 silver green

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Dual-function Wrinkle Improvement and Sunblock

SooRyeHan JiYoon Base is a dual-function essential make-up base for wrinkle improvement and sun protection. While seosiog-yongdan keeps the skin moisturized and healthy, Oriental mineral-based jeongdanbun, amethyst and pearl powder keep the skin translucent and radiant.

DabitYoon JiYoon is an Oriental mineral-based make-up for a clear and radiant skin appearance, in Korean, dabit means "all is shiny" while JiYoon stands for "extreme beauty." Seosiogyongdan, an unique approach to SooRyeHan, amethyst, pearl powder and Oriental mineral-based Jeongdanbun cover the skin translucently and add fairness and radiance to beautiful skin to create an elegant look.

To Use: After using basic skincare products, dispense an adequate amount and apply gently along the skin texture.
Efficacy & effects: Aids wrinkle improvement and protects the skin from UV rays. (SPF25, PA++)

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