Isaknox X2D2 Homme 2pcs Set by ISA KNOX

Isaknox X2D2 Homme 2pcs Set by ISA KNOX
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  • X2D2 Homme aftershave 130ml/4.4oz
  • X2D2 Homme moisurizer 130ml/4.4oz

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Power defense formula in Iasknox X2D2 Homme provides three main skin barriers-hydration, gloss and elasticity-necessary for skin health. The formula effectively helps Iasknox X2D2 Homme prevent the aging of your skin with its anti-wrinkle and whitening effect.

1. Moisture care

Antraticine material separated and fefined from the protein secrated from an organism living at an extremely low temperature in the Antarctic, and hovenia dulcis extracts fully hydrate the skin.

2. Elasticity care

Adenosine in the product prevents a wrinkle formation caused by stress and boosts elasticity in the skin.

3. Gloss care

Niacinamide with a strong whitening efficacy effectively brightens the skin tone which has been dardkened from outdoor activites, and helps the skin regain gloss.

X2D2 Homme aftershave 130ml/4.4oz

Wrinkle Repair & Skin Whitening Cosmetic.

The hydrating aftershave soothes the skin which easily gets sensitive from outdoor activities and shaving. Its enriched nutritions absorb into the skin without a sticky feeling.

To Use : Gently apply to the face and neck after cleasning or shaving.

X2D2 Homme moisurizer 130ml/4.4oz

Wrinkle Repair & Skin Whitening Cosmetic.

The moisturizer revives the health of the skin by providing moisture and nutrition without a sticky or oily feeling.

To Use : Apply to the face and neck after using the aftershave or all-in-one essence and have it absorb fully by gentyly pressing with your palms.
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