Vonin Rx Sports Dynamic Set by Vonin

Vonin Rx Sports Dynamic Set by Vonin
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  • Vonin Rx Sports Dynamic Skin 140ml + 30ml
  • Vonin Rx Sports Energizing 140ml + 30ml
  • Vonin Rx Sports Ultra Face Cleanser 30ml
  • Vonin Rx Sports Ultra Hair/Body Cleanser 30ml
  • Vonin Rx Sports Refresh Foot Spray 30ml

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Vonin Rx Sport

Dynamic Skin:

Formulated with three kinds of skin-friendly herb extracts, this skin care for men soothes and refreshes exhausted skin. Containing no antiseptic substances, this is a gentle cosmetic for men.

Energizing Moisturizer: Relieves skin dryness, soothes, provides moisture. Helps ease shaving irritation and keeps skin in good working condition. Men of all skin types can use as needed, where needed, on clean, exfoliated skin. Containing no antiseptic sunstances, this is a gentle cosmetic for men.

Refresh Foot Spray:
Foot Spray is a spray used to help to eliminate foot odor or smell. Foot Spray may be designed to be sprayed directly on a bare foot or it may be intended to spray inside of shoes to keep feet comfortable and fresh inside footwear.

Ultra Face Cleanser:
facial balancing cleanser is formulated to actively remove enviromental contaminants, impurities, and surface skin oils that irritate and inflame a man's skin.

Ultra Hair & Body Cleanser:
Antibacterial Hair and Body Cleanser for Athletes, Clean, fresh fragrance (not medicinal) perfection in a total body cleanser.

Recommended order to use:
Ultra Hair & Body Cleanser -> Ultra Face Cleanser -> Dynamic Skin -> Energizing Moisturizer
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