Missha The Style Perfect Brush Cleanser

Missha The Style Perfect Brush Cleanser by Missha
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Missha The Style Perfect Brush Cleanser will perfectly cleanse makeup residue and dirt on the makeup brushes and puffs. Why the expensive brushes get worse so quickly? If you use proper brush cleanser instead of water, you can use the brushes much longer and anti bacterial formula in the cleanser may keep you away from possible skin troubles.

Type of brushes you can cleanse with Missha the Style Perfect Brush Cleanser includes most of brushes such as foundation brush, powder brush, cheek brush, shadow brush, eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush and lip brush, so on. This cleanser is also perfect to cleanse puffs like sponge puff, latex puff, powder puff, pact puff. Contains botanical anti-bacterial cleansing ingredient for gentle care.

1. Pour appropriate amount of cleanser into any bowl.
2. Put the brushes or puffs into the cleanser. Move around the brush or puff in a circle motion to cleanse.
3. Wash off with water
4. Put the brush or puff into towel to take off excess water.
5. Hang the brush upside down in a shaded and airy area. Place the washed puff in an airy area.

Do not use this cleanser for dyed brushes or puffs.
Do not wash with hot water after cleansing. It may spoil bristles or puff.
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