Missha Art Designing Make-up Fix

Missha Art Designing Make-up Fix by Missha
  • 80ml

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Fixes base makeup with longer lasting effect
- Wheat protein polymer ingredient creates a clear coating to protect makeup from water, sebum and perspiration.
No smudges, perfect makeup all day along
- You can use the make up fix frequently to keep make up from smudging or fading away
Contains power for matt, soft skin
- contains sebum absorbing powder that keeps skin matt and smooth
Nano vita powder (patent no. 10-0628864) which is capsulated complex of various vitamins and minerals keeps skin healthy.

1. Resurrection plant extract
- Moisturizes the skin
2. Deep sea Water
- Protects evaporation of skin moisture
3. Glacier water
- natural moisturizer for clearer skin
4. lyophilizaed Nano Vita powder (patent no. 10-0628864) - Various vitamins(C,E,F,B3, B5, H) and derivatives capsulated to be more effective and penetrating into the skin
5. Poros sebum control powder
Powder that effectively absorbs sebum while discharge perspiration to prevent greasy skin to keep make up last longer
6. Vitamin Water
Complex of Vitamin water extract from Acelora, Grape fruit and Citron that moisturizes the skin

1. Shake well before use
2. Spray from 15-20cm away from the face area
3. Pat lightly to absorb
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