Omar Sharif Waterproof Pen Eyeliner 01 Black

Omar Sharif Waterproof Pen Eyeliner 01 Black by Omar Sharif
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Completing the Desired Look Only by a Stroke

Due to the carbon substance, this waterproof pen-type eyeliner draws in deeper & darker black tone compared to the other conventional eyeliners. Additionally the flexible, and yet, tractable brush tip is what makes it easy to use. It effectively resists water, sweat, and sebum while penciling a line that is clear and smudge-free, sustaining the look for a long time.

How to Use:
Point the brush tip downwards. Shake it 2-3 times. Then draw along the inner lash line. If the brush becomes soiled with make-up, such as foundation and eye shadow, wipe off lightly with tissue to clean.

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