Impact Fix Essence Make Up Base SPF10 (01 Light Green)

Impact Fix Essence Make Up Base SPF10 (01 Light Green) by Omar Sharif
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Impact combines both skin care and make-up, providing skin with moisture needed and keeping skin soft & silky. It protects the skin, altogether creating a natural, flawless appearance with light and clean touch.

Multiple Functions
1. Hydration: Betaine, macadamia nut and jojoba oil all keep skin moist & soft
2. Light & Clean Touch: Gel network system builds skin's barrier, cares for skin & creates flawless look
3. Superior Sun Block: Preventing pigmentation, it protects skin from harmful radiation
4. Skin Lifting Effect: Noni extracts, silk peptide, and Vitamin E derivative maintains skin's elasticity
5. Natural & Superior Coverage: With the most warm and natural hue selections among beige, it effectively covers skin blemishes and offers great coverage
6. Skin Protection Effect: Both crystal & light screening powder guards against detrimental factors that ages our skin

- Moisturizing feeling
- Light and clear use
- Protection from UV rays
- Lifting effect
- Great coverage with natural feeling

This formula adopts gel-network system, which is designed to diverge upon application, helping the ingredients to be delivered deeply onto skin and penetrated for it to work well. It also creates a hydration layer on skin's surface to keep it moisturized for extended period of time. Moisture-retentive powder locks hydration on the skin while it prevents evaporation, allowing skin to be hydrated all day long.

After basic skin care, apply appropriate amount on the skin at the first phase of make-up.

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