Hamlet vingt cinq homme Botanic Skin Care Set

Hamlet vingt cinq homme Botanic Skin Care Set by Omar Sharif
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  • Botanic Skin Smoother 140ml + 30ml
  • Botanic Mild Emulsion 140ml + 30ml

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hamlet vingt cinq homme BOTANIC SKIN SMOOTHER

It makes the skin tidy and clean by restraining acivation of normal flora in the skin and reducing the amount of sebum in the skin, and presents easiness and softness to men's Fatigued and rough skin by alleviating skin stimulus caused by chemical and environmental stress.

Natural hub extracts protect tissues of cell membrane and prevent peroxidation of the tissues by blocking harmful free radicals, and produce clean, healthy and masculine skin with anti-inflammation and anti-trouble effects. It is a refined, urbane four-season astringent with lime aromatic woody fragrance.

Instructions for Use:
After washing your face or shaving, apply a reasonable amount of it onto your face and neck evenly by pumping.

hamlet vingt cinq homme BOTANIC MILD EMULSION

Containing very fine silica powder and various vegetable sebum control infredients, it prevents skin's shining and trouble, and makes your tough, inelastic skin moist and soft with vegetable water contained in it. It is a moisturized emulsion used exclusively for men, which increases elasticity and gives vitality as a ceramide ingredient exerts a function of essence.

The extract from a Common Fennel, restoring skin cells damaged by ultravioler rays as it is superior in preserving moisture and contains flavonol, and the extract from Iridoid Glycoside, maintaing the balance of skin between oil and water and restrining activation of sebum-generating ferment, realize a pleasant skin condition, and prompt absorption and pleasant tissues without being sticky provide a burdenless feeling of application.

Instructions for Use:
After using Botanic Skin Smoother apply a reasonable amount of it onto your face and neck evenly by pumping.

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