Ossion Mild Touch PH Keeper

Ossion Mild Touch PH Keeper by Ossion
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Secreat Pearl Micro Liposome

Vital marine ingredient merdelcomplex carrying the passion of the sea as a source of life is capsulized in an advanced nano emulsion technology (NT) to provide nutitions of the sea. This refreshing toner purifies women's acceptable skin making it fresh, moist, and healthy. Spiked ginger lily and White sandalwood of this liquid type clear toner protect the skin from external stimulants with soothing effects. Agaric contents and birch sap keep your horny skin soft and shining.

To Use
After using Aqua Time Ready or the Emulsion, apply an adequate amount to skin, starting at the center of the face and working out toward hairline and chin. Gently pat for absorption.
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