Dr. young AC-Control AC Out Spot StOp Serum S.O.S by Dr. young

Dr. young AC-Control AC Out Spot StOp Serum S.O.S by Dr. young
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  • S.O.S! Help~ Trouble Shooter in your Pouch
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"Say Good bye to all your ugly troubles-Concentrated care gel for skin troubles"
It is a gel type serum used on troubled area only and its Magnolia extract, Hinoki extract and Grapefruit extract will instantly soothe your irritated skin. Its plant ingredients will ease the skin without any irritation and prevent trouble. Because of its compact size, it is portable and convenient to use and allows you to reapply frequently even over your makeup

1. On clean face, only apply on troubled areas. Do not rub in.
2. When applying on top of make up, use tip of tube to apply and soothe troubled areas quickly.

CSTM, Magnolia extract, Hinoki extract, Grapefruit extract, Green tea extract

S.O.S! Help~ Trouble Shooter in your Pouch

1. Trouble STOP
Blotchy troubles on your skin makes you depressed whenever you look in the mirror. Grapefruit extract, Hinoki extract and Magnolia extract will help to ease and prevent these troubles. Forget the repetitive skin troubles and experience your new born, clean skin.

2. SOS inside your hand bag
It is a compact size fitting right inside your handbag. It will instantly soothe troubles when applied on top of makeup. In addition, tube container of ointment type can be used on both clean and troubled areas.

3. Formation of trouble-free protection band
Upon rapid absorption, thin membranes are formed to protect the troubled areas from outer contamination and helps effective ingredients work persistently.

4. Trouble soothing by cool refreshment
Cool refreshment soothes red-flushed trouble areas and helps calm down.
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