Dr Jart+ AGE-X Tornado Wrinkle Serum by Dr Jart+

Dr Jart+ AGE-X Tornado Wrinkle Serum by Dr Jart+
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  • 35ml
  • To Use: Use after Dr.Jart's the First Serum.

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Wrinkle Decline Serum With Soft and Hard Collagen Delivering the Elasticity To The Skin.

- Formed Dual Layer With Unique Dermatology's Technology
With the unique dermatology technology which present DNA figure,
it is formulated in a dual structures dividing in a oil and water phase to adjust the ph balance effectively.

- Anti-aging effect with dual function of oil + water phases
Liquid crystal ingredient extracted from cholesterol delivers elasticity to the skin and biosaccharidegum ingredients moisturizes the skin delivering customized anti-aging solution.

- Tightens the inner skin
Great for the inner and outer skin tightens from the delivery of the active ingredients. Absorbed into the skin quickly with providing skin moisturized and vitalized.

- Softens the skin
Lightweight ! No Burden!
Protects the skin from the first attack from internal and external environment.
Keeps the skin to be soft and Portulacae Herba Extract helps the skin to be smoother.

Main Ingredients:
Berry cocktail : patented anti-oxidant material by Dr. Jart+
Adenosine : announced ingredient for wrinkle decline
Portulacae herba extract : sooth and protect the skin
Biosaccharidegum-1(water phase) : sooth and moisturize the skin
Liquid crystal (oil phase) : strengthen skin barrier

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