OHUI The First Cell Source by O HUI

OHUI The First Cell Source by O HUI
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  • Anti Aging
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The First Cell source has over 90.3% Cell SourceTM content which is an exceptional nutritional content for the skin and duplicates the cell culture medium used to cell cultures.

With a smoothing texture that is soft but also full of nutritional ingredients, it helps the skin neatly absorb abundant nutritional ingredients.

This is a source of nutrition for the skin that will enhance even more the anti-aging effects when using layered with The First products.

Exclusive Ingredient

Cell SourceTM, the secret to fresh anti-aging that the skin wants The First cell source has no purified water content. Instead of purified water, it has over 90.3% Cell SourceTM(defined cell culture medium7) cell culture medium substance made into a cosmetic ingredient essential to cell growth.
The smoothing texture created by O HUI Skin Intelligence Lab's excellent formulation technology provides the skin with abundant nutrients it needs and its soft feeling along with the hand's warm touch gives the skin a relaxing break.

O HUI The First's unique and exclusive recombined stem cell culture medium ingredient sHSCFCTM
O HUI has exclusive supply of recombined stem cell culture medium ingredient developed through the accumulated know-how of CHA Group affiliate CHA Stem Cell Research Center. This exclusive ingredient is only used by The First.

Exceptional Experience

- After 4 weeks of using The First cell source, the blood flow of the skin improved by 63.85% and I experienced vitality in the skin.

- After using The First cell source for 2 weeks, I could feel an improvement in the ability of the skin's elasticity to recover after conditions of pressure. I experienced 45.65% improvement immediately after use(after 2 min 30 sec), and 56.24% improvement after some time(8 min later).

- Transparent anti-aging
experienced after 4 weeks of using The First cell source

- What is transparent anti-aging?
O HUI The First cell source helps the skin reach closer to 'fresh anti-aging' through improvement in skin brightness, lifting, elasticity, and transparency.

Different usages according to skin condition

After washing the face and touch up with The First cell revolution skin softener, take an appropriate amount of The First cell source on your hands and spread evenly. Press skin lightly with the warm palm of your hands, then for best results, use The First cell revolution ampoule advanced, essence advanced, etc. In addition, a variety of usages are available according to the skin condition.

Layered Beauty Treatment
When- Days when the skin is particularly rough
How - Spread the product according to the direction above until absorbed, then repeat the same process once more. If used regularly every night, or 1~2 times a week, you will see more clear results.

Special Intensive Care
When - During the change of seasons when the skin feels tight or when you worry about skin trouble.
How - Wet a piece of cotton with the product and place on top of the cheeks, forehead, or any affected areas for about 5 minutes for intensive care.

Steam Towel Care
When - The skin is severely dry, the day before an important event
How - Wrap your face with a steam towel after washing to soften the dead skin cells, then apply the product. This will improve absorption by the skin and make it more moist and easy to apply makeup.

Skin Relaxing Care
When - Days when the skin is irritated by UV rays or a heat wave
How - Cool the product in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes, then wet a piece of cotton and softly wipe your face with it.

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