Sansim Chung Myong Bi Cheak by SanSim

Sansim Chung Myong Bi Cheak by SanSim
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  • High Moisture Cream
  • 75ml

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Oriental mdicinal highly moisturizing cream which makes the skin clean and shining by rebalancing the skin with abundant moisture and nutrients.

Once aging starts, skin begins to lse its reistance gradually and become drier as time goes by due to the broken oil and moisture balance. Containing optimal moisturizing contents such as our patented moisturizing content, cheongmyungdan, cheongoksu, springwater from cheongok, igsuyoungjingo, health supplement formulated by Dongeuibogam to present the king in Josun dynasy, and hyaluronic acid with a strong moisturizing effect, sansim Cheongmyung Bicheck rebalances skin and reinforces skin homeostasis and moisturizing barrier, making moist and vital.
Skin Clearing Foam Cream
by Gowoonsesang
Sansim Toner YangMyoungSoo
by SanSim
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