LeeJiHam Drs Care Vital CC Cream by LJH

LeeJiHam Drs Care Vital CC Cream by LJH
  • Anti-Blemish & Super Whitening Natural Solution
  • For all skin types
  • SPF 30 PA++
  • 45ml

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Dull skin's perfect turnaround CC Cream much newer than BB Cream

LJH CC Cream is a multi cream with vitamin C essence function, makeup, and sunblock functions in one.
It prevents or improves skin troubles and provides brightening effects. It contains vitamin tree extracts which contains 800 times more vitamin C than apples, and it is a new concept multi CC cream which naturally covers blemishes so the color matches your own skin tone.

Leejiham Vital Turnaround CC Cream is special
Cream will not seperate from skin and adhere closely to skin!
Moisture cover as light and soft as oxygen!
Natural skin without blemishes!
Certified triple action formula, a smart CC Cream , with whitening, wrinkle diminishing, and UV blocking (UVA/B) effects
800 times more vitamin C than apples! Contains vitamin tree extracts
Moisturization to resilience! Contains acacia collagen
Trouble care to skin relief! Contains elder fruit extract
Contains Centella asiatica, the madecassic material with great scar treatment and autogenous properties!
7-free prescription formula, safe enough for sensitive skin!
Special recipe developed with 20 years of knowhow of leejiham Dermatology Science Research Laboratory!

6-Free system: artificial color free, mineral oil free, animal oil free, bensophenone free, GMO free, paraben free.
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