Dr Jart+ Magic Cleansing Oil Foam by Dr Jart+

Dr Jart+ Magic Cleansing Oil Foam by Dr Jart+
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  • 150ml
  • To Use: Apply proper amount to dry face. Massage gently then rinse off with warm water.

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Multi-cleanser with cleansing power of botanical oils and freshness of foam cleanser(Inverted Phase Oil Encapsulation Tech � a new technology)

Multi-cleanser with the function of cleansing and foaming wash
Powerful cleansing of cleansing oil and freshness of foaming wash are put together for new concept and type. After removing makeup with oil, wash with magic cleansing oil foam. Oil turns into abundant foam for clearer wash.

Excludes mineral oil for moist finish after cleansing
Does not include mineral oil not causing irritation. Grape seed and Olive oil form skin protecting layer when used for moist finish without dryness.

Overcomes weakness of cleansing oil
Able to rinse off with water after using cleansing oil without stickiness or oiliness. Removes skin wastes without irritation for smooth and soft skin.

Protects against external irritations for healthier skin
O2 capture complex, Portulaca oleraces extract, Aloevera gel, and other botanical ingredients softly work on the skin to protect against external irritations and to deliver moisture and nutrition for healthier skin.

Main Ingredients:
Rice bran oil : Removing dead-skin cell & wastes
O2 Complex : Nourishing, Moisturizing
Aloe vera extract : Calming & Hydrating
Vitamin E derivative : Skin softening, Elasticity
Portulaca oleraces extract : Soothing

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