Ossion White Cell Ampoule (Day & Night) by Ossion

Ossion White Cell Ampoule (Day & Night) by Ossion
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What is Age Spot?
It is a brown or black spot resulted from aging and exposure to ultraviolet rays and is generated on the face, hands, or shoulders often exposed to the sun. Those in their 40's or after often have this symptom for exposure to ultraviolet rays or unfavorable skin regeneration. It is generated for two reasons: accumulation of lipofuscin and increase of melanin generation.

Age Spot Solution OSSION White Cell
Ossion White Cell hinders the formation of lipofuscin that generates age spots and makes your skin bright and uniform by controlling the process of generating melanin. It starts whitening care that strengthens your skin itself by breaking down lipofuscin in a normal skin mechanism.

For Day time(30ml/1oz)
Evening primrose oil protects your skin from external stimuli and Delentigo intensively cares age spots like liver spots, the sympotoms of aging. It is a fresh type of ampoule making your skin clean and clear. The liquid similar to phospholiquid, one of the components of your skin cellular membrane, helps to absorb available components and provides your skin with moisture and smoothness to realize healthy, total brightening.

For Night time(30ml/1oz)
Rose hip oil activates your skin and makes it healthy and elastic. And DelentigoTM cares age spots intensively and makes your skin clean and clear. This high-concentration ampoule spreads softly once it touches your skin and provides nutrition to it to make it soft and vitalized the next day.

How to use Use it evey morning and evening after applying cosmetic water. A dose of spoid is applied to both cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead evenly, and then pat it from the center to the outside for absorption. Add it more for the spot having more concern for blemishes.
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