Dr Jart+ AGE-X Wrinkle Stop Eye Serum by Dr Jart+

Dr Jart+ AGE-X Wrinkle Stop Eye Serum by Dr Jart+
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  • 15ml
  • To Use: Apply small amount around eye area and pet gently with fingertips.

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Double functions of whitening and wrinkle decline around darkened eye area.

- Anti-wrinkle ingredients are delivered deep into our skin
Using Nanofludics Technology the strong anti-wrinkle ingredient such as
Capsulated a-Lipoic Acid absorbs deep into the skin with promoting collagen helps to decrease
a fine wrinkles around eye area.

- Reducing the dark circle under eyes and fine wrinkles
Double function eye serum delivers the brighten effects with increase of
elasticity around your eyes.

- Elasticity and Moisturizing
Anti-oxidant Berry Cocktail delivers elasticity and vitality. Contained hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E moisturizes the wrinkled eye area.

- No fragrance , No colorant to protect eye area
Artificial fragrance and colorant which can cause irritation are not included.
Can be applied on the sensitive area to protect eye from external factors.

- Fresh gel type serum with superior adhesion
Lightweight serum with superior absorption helps to deliver the active ingredients deep into the skin quickly.

Main Ingredients:
Berry cocktail : patented anti-oxidant material by Dr. Jart+
a-Lipoic Acid : wrinkle care and anti-aging
Adenosine : announced ingredient for wrinkle decline
Arbutin : announced ingredient for whitening
Hyaluronic acid : skin moisturizing
Vitamin E : softening & moisturizing

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