Ossion Stem Cell Perfect Eye Cream by Ossion

Ossion Stem Cell Perfect Eye Cream by Ossion
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  • 30ml
  • Eyes wrinkles, inelastic eye & dark circles of aging three major cause of the aging care the eye cream

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Skin and skin densely populated sources to enhance the shine of the skin condition in addition to the optimal combination for managing Eye Cream.

Their private herb used in Indian herb Echinacea flowers are derived from renewable ingredients. Echinacea extract stem cells to develop with age decreasing by focusing on stem cells from the underlying skin will governed.

To use
1. After applying emulsion, use your ring finger to dispense an adequate amount.
2. Slightly warm up the eye cream using your body temperature.
3. Use wide circular motions to apply smoothly around the eye area and gently dab for better absorption.
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