AHC G.L.A Enzyme Powder by A.H.C

AHC G.L.A Enzyme Powder by A.H.C
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  • 60g
  • Sensitive and oily skin in need of second-step cleansing

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A facial foaming cleanser for sensitive and oily skin
Powder-type cleanser for excess sebum and skin impurities

Unlike ordinary powders, Enzyme Powder TS is a granule-type powder cleanser with coated particles, preventing powder from flying into eyes, nose and mouth.
Highly effective foaming agents make more thorough cleansing possible.
Botanic enzymes effectively cleanse accumulated wastes and debris on the surface with no need of rubbing. Ideal for oily, acned to combination skin. Water-binding and soothing agents help skin retain moisturized to bring out a healthy, radiant shine.

Main Ingredients
Papaya Extracts, Willow Tree Peel Extracts

Good for
Sensitive and oily skin in need of second-step cleansing

To Use:
1. Pour 0.5 ~ 1.0g of powder. Lather up with a hint of water. Massage the face with it.
2. For heavy make up, precede with first-step cleansing using lotion or cream type cleanser, then deep cleanse using Enzyme Powder TS for optimal results.
* Make sure to keep cap closed after use to keep out water.
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